SSL_Bump Bypass

Hi Team,

I would like to asked if there is an option in SSL_Bump configuration that I can bypass all windows application that uses the internet like skype, dropbox etc? Thank you.


Eliezer Ga

Yes, you should modify the SSLBypass option:

Hi @giacomo Thank you for this but I am completely lost. Where can I find the fwrule? And can you give me example what do i need to encode ? Espacially windows applucation like skype amd dropbox? Thanks

You must add a list of domains as the option. Example:

config setprop SSLBypass,
signal-event nethserver-squid-update

The domain list depends on what servers each program try to access.

I tried it however it is not working in dropbox and skype client in windows :frowning:

Hi @giacomo: shouldn’t the command be “config setprop squid SSLBypass,…”?

Absolutely, my bad! I was writing from my smartphone.

@eliezer.axiem try with this:

config setprop squid SSLBypass,
signal-event nethserver-squid-update

But you must take care to correctly fill the domain list.

Will try on this and give you feedback. Thank you

Is it worked? Please mark as solved