SSH domain user access problem

i’m newby on this setup and I have a problem to access by SSH using Domain username.
I’m running on 7.7.1908 version and I would like to access to this environment using domain user (nethserver joined to exinsting Microsoft AD).

I open this topic because if I try to login access blocked on a black screen and then colsed automatically. I saw that user home was created on /var/lib/nethserver/home.

Can you help me?


Maybe a test if you can connect as root would be good, that should work.

That would narrow down your problem to the AD connection for users (root works!), so it’s not a firewall issue but a user/permissions issue.

Using AD users is a bit more tricky, for one thing SSH specifics, permissions etc…

My 2 cents

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Maybe root login or password auth is disabled. You may enable it in server manager in the SSH settings for root to login but take care about security.

To enable users to use terminal/SSH you need to enable Shell for the user in “Users and Groups”.:

thanks for you reply but on AD user I can’t modify anything. I’m connected to Microsoft AD and nethserver is only joined to domain.

I’m sorry, that seems to be an open problem: