Squid requirements

The proxy needs Two interfaces, that is fine with the way it is used, between a Green and a Red interfaces, meaning a trusty and an entrusted interface.

My case: I have a server with One physical interface.
Our case: Linux has interface Aliasing , to create pseudos secondary interfaces to hold extra IPs.
// // : NS has VPN modules.

My issue: I cannot create a
“virtual” interface like let say: eth0:0 or vpn0 And
configure them a Green or Blue interfaces.

I can say to Squid/proxy: I have two interfaces … and configure the input and output.

Is it impossible or It is me that didn’t know how to do it ?

ps: I have tested NS8 , a :gem: !!! I :heavy_heart_exclamation: it !

Hi @Undev

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It sounds like you’re looking for something like this:


My 2 cents

We can hack in manually yes, but
I would like to use NS , and its interfaces (GUI) to create an alias or virtual net dev.
Then instruct Squid by NS GUI to use it .

Is it possible ?

An alias can be created in GUI at the network page, see docs.


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I will double check and confirm, because I don’t recall that it can then be usable by the Squid NS GUI .

The Alias stays in the zone of the parent NIC … :frowning:

If you used this configure button, it’s consistent.
If the new interface is the “only one” for a specific zone, you should go with “Add Logical Interface”, should also ask the zone.

I have only One NIC.
it is in the RED.
I tried adding a Logical NIC, but there it doesn’t list the aliases I have created … neither the virtual ones(VPN).
If what I am asking for is not possible, it is ok … hoping to suggest a new feature, if too late, maybe for NS8.
As you know, what I am looking for is possible manually :slight_smile:

did you take a read to this? :wink:

Sir, I configure interfaces of so many kinds, and that in so many protocols , since the last century you would think I am a liar,

I am trying to achieve my goal,only with N.S. G.U.I’s .

Best regards.
ps: I have even once patched a kernel module (Linux) to make an ATM card … Work ! :wink: (for example)

Why I would? I’m tinkering with computers since a long time, I have no problem to acknowledge my noobness :slight_smile:

Dont’ consider my opinion as the final answer, but currently… i think that Cockpit or NethAdmin GUI cannot fit the request.

Dummy load is pure shell, I can relate, but populating the dummy interface into esmith DB, so… this part.
/sbin/e-smith/db networks set dummy0 ethernet ipaddr netmask role green && /sbin/e-smith/db networks setprop eth0 role red && /sbin/e-smith/signal-event interface-update
is what Nethesis designed for the third time in cockpit… but it’s still the esmith base concept.

Will make the network card appear. Then… maybe can be GUI managed. I don’t know.

Edit: now i know. The interface appear on Cockpit and can be managed from there.

we have already seen this.
but, thank you :slight_smile: