Squid caching templates

(Tohid Tamboli) #1

The squid caching template is wrong .
Please make it correct i lost my 4 hrs rechecking every thing and i got this
please check ans of Plamen

Enable disk cache
minimum_object_size 10 KB                     <---------}
maximum_object_size 50000 KB              <----------this line should be above cache_dir aufs ****
cache_dir aufs /var/spool/squid 500000 16 256

Any ways Love you neth

(Filippo Carletti) #2

Good catch @Tohid_Tamboli.

Thank you.

(Filippo Carletti) #3

Updated package to fix the issue should appear on mirrors in a few hours.
Could you please verify it?

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

Uh! @filippo_carletti please could you reward @Tohid_Tamboli with a like on the first post? :smile: