Squid and Samba Domain Controller

Hi, sorry for my bad english,

On NethServer 6.8 if I configure samba as domain controller and proxy with auth I can’t autenticate with my browser.

I replied the experience with several installations and the problem persist.

I don’t find any log that can help me.

Any issue?

Let’s check in with some experts about Proxy :slight_smile:
@m_farlotta @vhinzsanchez @Freddy_Brignardello @acsel10 @jgjimenezs @Renan_Azedo_de_Olive @mansoor.tariq @cswain @Mario_Spang

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Hello how are you @Ivan_Bertotto

you can show us how is your setup?

I have probably understood what is the matter:
If i configure samba not as pdc all is ok, if samba is pdc is mandatory that all the client mus be joined to the domain and i must configure proxy on the client non by ip but fqdn.

But for me is a problem because this installation work in a school (about 1000 users) and it is impossible join all devices.

Some device are win 10 and some other win 7 home .

It is really impossible to have proxy auth with pdc but whitout join?

the problem is when you try to join the domain and unresponsive?

if that is the case, you will have to create a dns host

Place the domain of your DC, the IP address and optionally a description

above to redirect to another server, but if your DC is NethServer will make an alias dns

Try this @Ivan_Bertotto

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Hi. In my case, my server is also the DNS and DHCP.

In the DHCP settings, my server is the gateway. In this way, all traffic passes through it.

If you use authenticated proxy and the stations are not joined, all pages that are opened will request user and password.

Without authentication, we can not create rules for specific groups. (DIRECTORS, TEACHERS AND STUDENTS).

I’m not an expert, but right now, we have 700 computers through the transparent proxy. I made many tests with the authenticated proxy, but as well as you, it was not possible to connect all equipment to the domain.

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Hi @Renan_Azedo_de_Olive I have a client to a mall which I will set to NethServer follows:

Caracas has the primary domain controller the other states of Venezuela are replicas of it.

Previously they had a hardware firewall that hurt them and there comes NethSever

So that they could place a pc to the domain on the server in Caracas could not because the network did not see them as such.

I set some static routes from falcon to Caracas.

When you add host dns in NethServer and achievement static routes to the domain join in Caracas, and used locally authenticated proxy.

I do not know if this is your case


As what @Renan_Azedo_de_Olive have said above, if configured properly, those that are not domain joined will be asked for credentials (username/password combo) when they try to access internet.

@Ivan_Bertotto can you keep us updated on your issue? @vhinzsanchez @jgjimenezs @Renan_Azedo_de_Olive would be happy to resolve it!