Squid 3.5 and SslBump Peek and Splice

I’ve been looking at Nethserver to replace TMG Server as a proxy in our guest networks. The thing I’m finding harder to do is to transparently block blacklisted HTTPs sites, where TMG would do this with close to no configuration.

While reading on the matter, I found the Peek and Slice feature of Squid, wich could be handy for people who want to accomplish the same as me. Not sure if this could be added easily to NS, but i think it could be a alternative to the quite outdated squidguard, or at least a companion for it in transparent proxy scenarios.


I’m experimenting with squid peek and splice, I’d like to use it with squidguard, but I’m still a bit far away from a working prototype.
I’ll keep you updated here (looking for a tester).