Spring QA Jam Session

Last Call was very effective! It’s March and a Spring QA session is necessary :slight_smile:

Pick up yours assigning it directly on Redmine, not here!

That’s the list:

  • Email attachment block custom list too strict
  • Add a yum clean all button if update fails
  • sa-update without internet breaks spamd/amavisd
  • after deleting a filter into “Web content filter” you cannot manage the previously associate profile
  • Samba core files are listed by log viewer
  • Invalid TCP port range

if you are new to test/qa read this or ask questions here, @dz00te and the testing team will be happy to help: @vcc, @mabeleira, @medworthy, @fasttech, @GG_jr, @Adam

I just want to add to the test list a new small feature: proxy pass for main virtualhost

See http://dev.nethserver.org/issues/3363