Spring development plans

Hi NethServerians!

Usually, users don’t like to scrub the Github issue tracker, so I just want to share what are our developers are working on during the spring.

@stephdl is doing a tremendous job and he is one of the fastest code cruncher I’ve ever seen!
He is trying to improve the virtual host and proxy pass with FQDN support (many of you already asked for it).
The goal is to have a full featured Docker module which includes automatic firewall and HTTP proxy configuration using https://portainer.io/ and https://traefik.io/

@davidep is helping Stéphane, while improving NethGUI security and update Samba to latest stable release (call for QA: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5457).

They both did a really good job and released many improvements on Mail 2 module which will be quite probably the default for new NethServer 7.5 installations.

@edoardo_spadoni is experimenting with Cockpit and VueJs: as many of you asked at FOSDEM; we would like to have Cockpit as one of the strong points during next 7.5 life cycle.

@filippo_carletti is working on a very complex refactor of firewall QoS, maybe we will have full download/upload bandwidth control soon!

Thanks to Filippo analysis, I’m going to try a new NDPI release, add a bypass IPS feature, along with some minor improvements and cleanups on the firewall. And, for GDPR fans, Im’ going to add and option to backup logs inside the data backup.

Next big step will be NethServer 7.5, we are waiting for CentOS 7.5 beta which will probably released in few days!


I love these kind of updates from the developer side! It gives us, the simple sysadmins, a view inside the kitchen… thnx @giacomo and @dev_team


@giacomo Thanks for this posting!

Its a brilliant summary of some of the great stuff occurring with NethServer and the community and it really highlights very well the way NethServer and the community works together to make a better product.

This also really highlights the transparency aspect that everyone has been subtly promoting as well.

I hope the Development Plans posting will become a “regular” feature!


You’re right, we will try to do it!


And it’s going to visit Nethesis HQ here in Italy next week. Pics are coming :slight_smile:

7.5 is going to be the best release ever :wink: :heart:

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I can’t agree more :slight_smile: I know that it takes time @giacomo but if you have a few minutes you will be rewarded with many :heart: :heart::heart::heart::heart:

@stephdl, any chance to see you here (you know what I mean :wink: ) too?

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@stephdl @davidep @edoardo_spadoni @filippo_carletti would you mind opening a new discussion catching us up on your last achievements?


Yep…pm is coming