Speedtest cannot be run more than one time in new server manager, unless you manually fill in U/D limits

If I run Speedtest from this page: <nethserver.FDQN> 9090/nethserver#/applications/nethserver-firewall-base
it pops up a small window with the results, asking if I want to “Use this settings” to set the download and upload bandwidth on my single WAN interface. Since I only have one, I had not set limits.

Clicking Speedtest to run it again does not work. Clicking “Use this settings” does not do anything.

Manually entering values for the upload and download fields let’s me run Speedtest again.

I think I have found one bug, and I have two suggestions:
Bug (minor): Selecting Use this settings should fill in the values, but it does not.
Suggestion 1: I should have an option to use, or not use, those values instead of having to manually enter some values in the Download and Upload fields. From a workflow standpoint, if I DID have a second broadband connection, using measured performance is, conceptually, a pretty cool way to set limits, but there is a caveat. On a shared over-subscribed commercial broadband service (Mine is Comcast cable), Speedtest results vary, sometimes a lot, and I might want to run several Speedtests before deciding on which values to use.
Suggestion 2: From an English grammar standpoint, the option should say “Use these settings” instead of “Use this settings”

Don’t know if it was designed like this or it is a bug.

For me it kinda works but with some caveats:

  • Before saving changes, when download/upload bandwidth fields are filled from speedtest values, editing any field resets the upload/download bandwidth fields. Same when the interface settings are folded and unfolded.
  • If speedtest button is pressed again it hides the results, and if pressed another time it show the results but then the “Use this settings” button does not do anything.