Specify the port number of a virtual host

Just had a thought, when defining directories / folders for Apache, would it be possible, within the NS GUI, to specify the port number of that virtual host (eg. have one site sitting upon port 80 and another on port 81)?

Ehi Mark, happy to see you again
Why do you need a different port? Can you explain what are you trying to achieve?

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Hi Alessio,
I was thinking about people with different firewall zones. As an example, I have a firewall (running PFSense) and was thinking that I would like the firewall to forward all DMZ based web requests to port 80 on the NS server, forward web requests within my VPN to port 85 and all requests within my LAN to port 87.

The above would allow the end user to view different sites / ports depending on their location or if they are within the VPN.

Also PFsense can have rules based upon the end users geo-location, so in theory it is possible to have somebody accessing my web server in Italy to view a website via a unique port and somebody within the UK could view a different site based upon another port.

These rules could be expanded based upon other client information, such as the type of browser, OS or type of device the end-user is using.