Special Thanks to Andy 💪

What can we say about today’s character? He has helped hundreds of people here in the community. He’s one of our mainstays. :muscle:

If you write here, you’ll receive a prompt response, often detailed and full of details, our Swiss watch of support :slight_smile:

I would like to publicly thank our ambassador and moderator @Andy_Wismer :

The numbers speak for themselves.

1.8k days visited
46 days read time
58.0k posts read
2.9k likes received
4.7k posts created
110 solutions

I ask you to join me and leave a small comment of gratitude for him. If he has helped you in the past, it seems the best way to thank him. Just a few words are really enough.

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I can gladly say that without @Andy_Wismer i would not have used proxmox, and would not have gotten a one on one detailed OPNsense firewall Implementation. Andy has been great at offering support, and pointing out best practices in security, mainly out of his many years experience implementing and setting up similar systems.

Thank you for your invaluable feedback, the knowledge fights as well as the assistance offered in deploying multiple systems and running Nethserver.


Thanks a lot @Andy_Wismer for providing an overwhelming amount of support and for introducing Proxmox and Zabbix that really improved my virtualization/monitoring experience.


I can only agree with the praise for @Andy_Wismer. I read his posts very carefully and they have often helped me.
Thank you very much.


Thank you @Andy_Wismer …, thank you for all your time and patience. You have become a good mate to me here. Stay as you are.



Andy is another invaluable person in this Community. I appreciate him, his time and his knowledge he has extended to this community.

Thanks Andy!!


I can only emphasise every word of appreciation.
He has also combined a great sense of humour with a pinch of sarcasm that always shines a spotlight on what we all too often simply accept.
Grüetzi, Andy.


What else to say? Hard to “judge” a book by its cover. There are many layers to lasagna!

The secret marketing weapon Proxmox didn’t know it has.

From my POV, a person who likes to make friendly connections around the world. Man of a temper occasionally showing some rough edges, and never giving up a “fight”, but providing great support when in a good mood. Most of the times spot on, providing knowledged and insightful answers and recommendations. Who else offers to go the extra mile with direct one-to-one hands-on “mentoring”?

Thanks for each and every cent and glowing piece of coal! :sparkling_heart:


Thanks to @Andy_Wismer’s tireless enthusiasm for virtualization, I have been running Nethserver on a small Proxmox cluster for quite some time now, to my complete satisfaction. And with regard to Proxmox Backup System, how could I ever have done without it? It saved me more than once. Thanks Andy for your inspiration on Nethserver and Proxmox!


Hi all Nethserverians

and thanks to all here who have contributed to being part of an amazing community!

NethServer is part of it, otherwise we would not be here.
But that’s only half the story, only part of the truth.

It’s the people in this community who make this one community special !!!

My sincere thanks for all NethServerians, and also for letting me participate in this fantastic community!

My 2 cents


I would like to add my thanks and message of appreciation to @Andy_Wismer . Like some others have posted, Andy is very helpful and quick to reply. He is the reason my home Nethserver is on Proxmox also. He brings enterprise best practice to help us be better, strong and more secure. I can’t say thank you enough.


Thanks to @Andy_Wismer , who apparently doesn’t miss anything … Always courteous and helpful sometimes beyond expectations! Thank you @Andy_Wismer for your contribution especially to the community .