Soyoustart ( OVH )

Hello ,

I installed several Nethserver recovery on a server I bought at Soyoustart (OVH)
I can not connect to the machine with IP i get on main install
Would you have an idea.
Yes i need it accessible externaly

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804

I do not understand this; could you try to write this in other words.

Do not have experience with Soyoustart VPS…

Can you SSH into your Soyoustart VPS?
if so you could check the assigned ip and the nethserver network configuration with:

ip a

db networks show

I suspect the install gets a fallback IP ( and is not reachable because it’s in a different subnet.
Can you connect using the OVH control panel/VNC service?
Then perform the command @mark_nl mentioned.
If you need to adjust the IP address,

db networks set eth0 ethernet role green ipaddr [your desired IP ADDRESS] netmask network [NETWORK] onboot yes bootproto static

If your IP ADDRESS is 123.451.234.001, then your [NETWORK] would be 123.451.234.000

If your networkadapter has a different name, adjust eth0 accordingly. You probably need to narrow down the subnetmask. Look for info at OVH for that.

After you have changed the IP address, you should be able to connect to the webinterface using https://IPADDRESS:980