Sorted users and groups

What do you think about sorting users and groups? I think it can be very helpful in not very big installations (you can find users without search). I prepared the code: what do you think if I proceed with a PR?

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A users/groups list like on the cerificates page? Sortable and changeable number of showed items?
That would be nice!

I was thinking only sorted by default via api. But not as table, because we need to change also the view. You think it’s better?

/cc: @giacomo @davidep

This is ok too. I thought it would be simple to adapt the users list like the certs. I have to learn cockpit.

While watching my users list I recognized a scrollbar under the users in Firefox and Chrome that doesn’t show anything on the right. It’s only cosmetic but changing the view will solve this too.

Probably you are right that table is better. But I want to have a point of view by @giacomo and @davidep before proceed and understand why they don’t used a table here.

Note that also on others page users list is showed (sorted) as here.

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It’s a matter of design, you can find more on patternfly 3 site.
I agree that we should sort the list, but I wouldn’t change from list to table.

But I’m leaving the design choice to @edoardo_spadoni :wink:


We can add a sorting in list without changing the entire design by filtering the list by name prop. We can do this easily in VueJS. You can open a PR and discuss furthermore.


Opened improvement on GitHub:

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Is this focussed on Samba4AD account provider or on OpenLDAP account provider?
If Samba4 AD, then why not follow MS OU usage?
This might be usefull:

No it’s not. It applies to any remote/local account providers :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion, but my understanding is that there are just 2 types of accountprovider:

  • Samba4 AD
  • OpenLDAP

They both can either be local or remote.

There IS a local account provider which is standard Linux: the local account database, of which root is one of the accounts. BUT in a networked environment IMO these accounts should not be used and not even considered since they will be different accounts for every server or client in the network. Even if you give them the same password (for instance, root password on every server the same) they all are different accounts and thus a permission nightmare.

Am I thinking that strangely that account management should occur where the accounts are crated, and not make some visual changes in an interface without permission changes…

I’d rather see a webinterface for account management in cockpit than just some dodgy option to group accounts based on whatever conditions an admin desires to group them on…

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The implementation is ready for testing!


Test successful. Users and groups are sorted now. Great work!


Released, kudos to @federico.ballarini !