Sort mail by thread

volevo usare il raggruppamento per discussione, ma vedo per primo sempre la primissima mail no l’ultima arrivata( come tutte gli altri provider di mail). Si può invertire l’ordine

Please can you write in English?
What app are u using for email?

I’m using webtop…
Do you understand my problem?

You should configure view As image (press on the image) and then set Raggruppamento by Threading.

/cc @lucag Ordinamento and Raggruppamento labels seems not translated properly.

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I would like do have a threading group… but when I click on email I see the oldest…
For example, if I click on the thread I would like to see the newest email now to see the newest message I have to click on the plus and scroll to the last message

Can you post a screen of your sorting settings ?


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Ok, that is what I suggested you. I don’t know why it’s not working. We need to call to action @lucag

Hi @federico.ballarini and @favalcatraz,

I confirm that currently the email threading is shown in this order: the newest emails are at the bottom.

I call @gabriele_bulfon to find out if it is a choice made for a certain reason and if it will be possible to have an option in the future to change this order.

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It’s actually something I have in mind for sometime, as recently clients (expecially smartphone ones) works like @favalcatraz suggested.


Could grouping honour the orientation of sorting?

Not easy, I think, but can you specify with an example?

I’ll try…
Grouping will define the first thing you’ll see about list of messages (according to this image, date, Sender, Receiver, Thread).
Then you can sort from what’s chosen into sorting (Sender, Receiver, Object, Date, Size, Priority). Therefore the list is of threads, but the first one may be the highest priority (of the last message of the thread), or Date, or Sender.
Then you can choose the direction of sorting: Ascending: on top the lowest priority of last message of thread. Or Descending: the latest messages of a thread puts it’s thread on top.

Don’t get me wrong, i know that honor grouping, sorting and direction can be a huge task… Maybe it’s possible, maybe not…

In all other mail software (outlook, mail iphone or mac) the order was reversed, and I think it is more correct.

It is wrong that to read the newest email I should also read the older ones

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This is a behavior of latest versions, probably started in apps then into other softwares.
The reason is that threading is handled by the imap server via a standard imap request “thread refs”, where sorting is handled by the imap server as per RFC, starting from the first message and then down the tree of messages until the most recents.
There is already a huge work made by the webtop code to handle this “thread refs” response and keep it in the way you can experience now.

Keeping the last message on top may be not that difficult, but I must admit that the first times I found myself with this new behavior of threading on smartphones, I was quite disturbed and confused: the new message on top is not the root father of the thread.
Maybe this should be done only when the thread is closed, and place it again in its position when thread is open.


Hi, I too was disturbed by this visualization but now, that is in all “mail software”, it is logical to see it this way…
How do you know when a thread is closed? I don’t know when someone will answer me :slight_smile:

Happy to know I was not the only one disturbed!
I mean:

  • when the plus is not clicked and the thread is not open, show the last one
  • when the plus is clicked and the thread is open, place the last mail where it should be