Sorry for my absence

Folks I need to apologize for my absence.
I have been away for a while due to some personal and work commitments, I couldn’t devote the time this community really deserves
As community manager that’s not respectful of you, community members and friends :heart:

I noticed that a lot of people have led the boat during the last months, for this reason I want to say a BIG thank you to @dnutan @stephdl @davidep @giacomo @mrmarkuz @robb @pike @flatspin @danb35 @michelandre @Andy_Wismer @pagaille @saitobenkei @lucag @federico.ballarini @fausp @filippo_carletti @jfernandez @xcod @LayLow @dz00te @paul_marwick @m.traeumner @xcod @fausp @bwdjames @MrE @EddieA and so on…

I hope I slowly take over my commitments :slight_smile:



Good to have you back

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That’s what friends are for. :wink:
Welcome back, Alessio!


Indeed man. Great job so far :smiley:

Welcome back @alefattorini

No need to apologise, sometimes life does through us different curve balls which just need to be dealt with.

Part of being a good leader is organising the team/community in such a way that if/when you do need to step away for a little bit for whatever reason, the vast majority of things continue to work and run smoothly and other people are able to pick up the slack and this appears to have occurred quite successfully.

Anyways, welcome back!


Welcome back @alefattorini,
nice to have you here again friend.


I’m so proud to have seeing something like that. It means that the community is mature enough to keep the balls rolling anyway.

yup, sometimes it is that way. but good nothing serious is happen (hope so).
Welcome back !


Welcome back, I hope all is good for you now.

And… You said thank you, so your welcome, what else? :wink:

Nothing serious.
Thanks guys!