Sorry for being away!

I am going to try and come back some… I have been away dealing with a lot of medical related issues… Their was even days I couldn’t really get out of bed their for awhile… I am doing consistently better but still not able to do alot of the physical projects I would like to get done… Sorry if I missed messages etc…

I can’t even remember where I left off and on what projects I was playing with before taking off…

Missed everyone and hope to soon be playing with the latest version of Neth Server testing it against our crazy system up at OVH or Soyoustart servers…


Recover your health soon we’ll be waiting here, Blessings. Take it easy, many have happened to us



I do hope you recover well. You will notice a LOT of changes with both the community and the project. Get back on this fast running train again and enjoy the ride with us!


I am going to try but things are a bit blurry I must have really missed a few things… I downloaded the latest and currently messing around with it on one of my vms… Thanks so much and you guys really rocked out with neth 7 I will see if it can be used in my environment and get back with ya!