Somethin can be better with cockpit Logo

Neth 7.7.

Hello Guy
First i like cockpit but mostly i am using both version.
Cockpit i mutch more modern. And i love the Terminal. But copy/paste ist very “New”. My hands like to use … So my hands are fiting with the new commands

Mostly i am Servching the LOGo in the tabs but it is the same like the webside. So am steping to the open webside very often. Blue letters on a white ground vcan be helpfull.

At the old Version i like the information on the software side, aspecilay the Update information. Witch are new and with are installd whe i start the updates…
The SoftwarePackage installation look like a small bug. But for the Bug later.
Some more information about the Software can be helpfull aspecally the Neth-packeges. Exampel Fileserver cant see in the first view it is a Samba or a NFS Server. With the (I) botton mostly i can see the package.
Now the bug i am making the Email server and remark them ( i will use the the old Version to install Email with differend packages) than i looking for the funktion of the collaboraoffice pack and using (I). But do not mark them for installation. In this confusend time i forgot that email was demarkt. So i use the button install. But i was suprised that collaboraoffice was intalled… ???

dovecot 2.2.36 2.2.36-3.el7_7.1

I was not clear why Dovect is installed. But can be a part of SOGo

So can be be a bug …

The old funticion of Software I like mutch more … Sorry

THX Axel

You may put your custom favicon.ico to /usr/share/cockpit/branding/nethserver/ to change the favicon.

For old server manager:

Dovecot provides POP3/IMAP that is needed by SOGo to get the mails.

Really? There is no search and you see less packages in the list. The information you get is the same.
But no problem, old server manager is still available.

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Hello Marcus

THX for icon change info :slight_smile: thats helpfull

The search in cockpit is mutch better.
What i am missing on software ist.

  • packege infos
  • deinstall
  • and witch package renew the update …
    or i dont understand it (and in this times missunderstandig are often)

Im thinking that dovecot is a “part” of Sogo.

so i am installing the email package too

but i do not mark collabore Office package. I am looking ony into the Infos. So there can be a small bug…

Some parts are realy nice in Cockpit some thing is better in the old one.
Terminal is very good solution, but sometime when i open up a new tab (Firefox) i had white letters on white backgrounds and a very smal size to work …
But i love the idea :slight_smile: of terminal

thx Markus

keap save and healthy

You could view the changelog, a button top right.

Remove is at Applications page.

If you click on “Details” you’ll see the packages

If you just click on the info it’s no problem but to tick the checkbox it’s enough to click in the blue marked field. So it can easily happen that one ticks the software accidentally and I think this was the case.


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Hello Markus

THX 4 your support. So i was like we in German say Woodway :wink: Holzweg. Means wrong direction… I will try it again :slight_smile: I am working too long (times) and too long with the old one…

something more later

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