Some questions about SOGo

NethServer Version: NS7RC3
Module: openLDAP, SOGo, Roundcube, nextCloud, Apache+SQL

First of all, thanks a lot for this excellent software. Its exactly what I build up for ages using Zarafa and ownCloud debianbased. Now I can get all out of one hand and much more comfortable. After fighting with the rpm-based system (only a little) I was able to test it quiet early. But, to the questions.

  1. is it right, that SOGo (upgraded to 3.2.4)is optimized for mobile use and handhelds, not for pc ?
  2. shouldn’t it be better to use roundcube, and in case of that, is it right that there is no personal addressbook (only empty), which is shown by SOGo (filled up with my addresses)?
  3. is it possible to integrate calendaring to roundcube?

  1. is it a good idea going to real with RC3?

After all its perfect working with thunderbird on workstation.

Hi @swen,
If you looking for a good interface for PC, try to use WebTop. Apparently it seems outlook, you have the calendar and through active sync, you use it easily from mobile devices.


The RC3 version works well but is still in test waiting for the stable release . If you want stability and business continuity it is best to use the stable version (6.8).

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I took the liberty to change the discussion title a bit so it actually reflects the questions you ask.
I don’t have a live NethServer 7 yet, I only have done some tests.
SOGo is quite a nice groupware suite. And that’s what it makes different compared to roundcube. Roundcube just does mail. SOGo also does contacts and calendaring.
But be aware that SOGo is not the default groupware solution anymore. Due to some drastic changes by inverse (the SOGo developers) there are no binaries available anymore from them unless you have a paid subscription. The NethServer SOGo module is maintained by the community (@mark_nl thnx again!!) and the binaries are built by the community.
As @enzoturri mentioned, you could give webtop a try. The developers of webtop are very busy with webtop5. In time that will be the default supported version for NethServer 7.

I tend to agree with @enzoturri to go for NS6.8 for now if you absolutely need the production server NOW. Although NS7RC3 already runs quite well, it IS an RC and not the fully tested final version. You can have a look at the forum and see for yourself the amount of reports we get about things that happen differently than expected. They are all getting attention and will be solved when the final version arrives.

@dev_team: can you give an estimate when we can expect an upgrade path from NS6.8 to NS7?

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I know that @davidep evaluated upgrade options, but he needed to do more tests. We will resume work on upgrade after the release of 7.
Translated: considering that we are going to take a break for the Christmas holidays, expect something after mid-January.