Some minor (?) disaster recovery annoyances

NethServer Version: 7 final
Module: nextcloud, pop3 connector

So here’s a couple of items of annoyance.

After full config and data restore the Nextcloud sync logs don’t match and the clients initiate a full overwrite of the directory, in this test case, 3 clients, 1200 files each, 500mb.

As mentioned previously, if using pop3 connector, the module will download everything on the mail server right along with all the emails that were restored, ending up with a store full of duplicates.

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I guess the strategy with those two services is deferring their startup until the data is restored… /cc @dev_team

@davidep I even ‘paused’ all the nextcloud clients before the restore test and then re-enabled after the restore was fully complete just for that scenario. shrug.

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I agree, but it seems pretty hard to me.

But I can suggest an ugly hack: use another IP for the server until all the restore is done :smiling_imp: