Some email don't show any content using web interface

Emails are received fine and show fine in my smartphone.
But using webtop, some email (esp. with richer content like some web shop purchase report) show blank.
No error, you click next mail, shows ok.
This is not a fresh issue. It used to be rather rare, but now more email show like that.

If I click to reply or forward that message, within the inline quoted message IT SHOWS the content!

Tried with different browsers and two different PC on different networks.
Any ideas?

Latest patched NS7.

On the same PC.
On the same browser.
Enable Incognito/Phantom/ whatever the name is for the function.

Same email messages give the same problem?
Viewing the full message on email client give you the same problem?

You probably think an extension is to blame.
No. Same thing in safe.

I am not using an email client at all any more, so I cannot say, BUT on my mobile phone (which uses a mail client of course) that mail is working fine…

it could be some encoding problem. Is there any option to see the text-only version of the message or the source code? Any relevant error/warning from the browser web console?

I don’t know what is to blame.
I’m trying to put out of “normal context” the browse and view of the content which might give the issue.
And unfortunately, telling an interesting thing

you’re not providing (what i think is) useful information: phone OS and email client.
Nowadays every email-displaying piece of software use an HTML/Web renderer. Included into the software or borrowed from somewhere else.

You think is Webtop to blame. It’s fine, is a viable option. However, your reporting do not provide any useful information about your context.
OS(es?) and web browser(es?) where the problems happen.
Os and email client where the problem does not happen.

Last but not least:

Providing this information at least something is known: email message is not “malformed” in any way, because without the Webtop intermediation can be viewed correctly.

At least one thing is excluded.

Next question: the messages you’re trying to read with Webtop use non latin characters? Your profile suggest me that Greece is your country and AFAIK the charset is not the latin one.
My current guess is that Webtop might use a font without the correct (or all the necessary) glyphs for greek.

I could forward the mail to your email, it will probably pass through normally (I already tried forwarding it to another mail I have - not on my NethServer - and I got it fine.

Android 13 OS, Android own mail client.
Windows 11 latest patches, Chrome client, desktop.

It is possible that some email contain Greek characters but AFAIK I do receive mail in my webtop with Greek characters fine (else I would have noticed years ago).

Also note that NO content is shown when an email like that is received.
Blank page (under the usual mail control bar “reply” etc.).
It doesn’t show latin characters, pictures or picture placeholders, anything.

I will write a test email now to myself (from other email and another computer), with Greek only and mix Greek/Latin:
Received both look fine.

Let me know what else I can try and as I said I could forward you one of those email.

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