Some audio streams are interrupted by NethServer with antivirus enabled

(todd_firkins) #1

I have found several different streaming music websites that will not work at all, or the stream is interrupted, when antivirus is enabled.
By setting it to disabled, everything works fine. I also added the sites to the global whitelist:

The two most easily reproducible sites (also two of my favorites) are:
I think I found the configuration file for the antivirus program: /etc/c-icap/c-icap.conf
I read that it might be possible to add a whitelist directive to the file. Here is the text of the directive: (from

The ‘whitelist’ configuration directive allows you to disable chained program and virus scan at the URL level. When the given pattern matches the URL, SquidClamav falls back to Squid instantly.

For example:

whitelist \.clamav\.net

will deliver any files from hosts on domain directly.

Have not been able to get this to work. For now, I just listen many other streaming music services that work fine like MixCloud and Pandora, but I would like to get the two stations I mentioned above working without turning off antivirus. Maybe I just entered the directive with incorrect syntax.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

(Alessio Fattorini) #2

Ehi @davide_marini please could you try to reproduce this problem?