(Solved) - Webtop - Contacts not syncing using z-push

I had an interesting fault where some phones would sync a shared contacts list and other phones would not.

No issues found in any logs. I ran extensive further tests to try to isolate the issue. I found naming a Contacts Category with special characters something like “Bob’s contacts” caused the issue. Renaming the list to “Bob contacts” cleared the issue. This did not affect syncing with Calendar names so “Bob’s Calendar” seemed to work without issue.

Anyway, hope this helps someone…

Maybe a warning text could be added to the Contacts Category name field in Webtop?



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Thanks @markareait for your tests and your report :wink:

Since we are internally testing the new version of the EAS server (Reference issue: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5732) I took the opportunity to check what you reported and I can anticipate that with the new version the there will be no problem :+1:

Thanks anyway.