[SOLVED] Setting profile images in active directory

Is there any way to set profile images to user accounts in active directory? I tried seeing if the nsdc tool had any options but it doesn’t look like it.

There is an old topic that works for LDAP that I successfully used on another server last year, I hope to accomplish the same on this server running nethserver-dc.

For calarification, I simply want a user’s profile image to show up across their services like Nextcloud and SoGo, if possible. Even better if Windows 10 machines enrolled in the domain would also show these images.

Old Topic for LDAP profile images here: Profile photo in Nextcloud

NethServer Version: NethServer 7.7.1908
Module: nethserver-dc 1.8.0

I found a very simple solution to the problem.

One can use a free program called CodeTwo Active Directory Photos to set the profile images using a GUI.

You must use the program from the admin account on a local computer already attached to the domain (admin@domain.tld). It will automatically connect you to the domain since you have permissions, and allow you to set your profile images for each account.

SoGo doesn’t use the images, but you can enable gravatar support in the program to accomplish much the same.