[SOLVED] Raid failure, how to replace disk

Hi, it’s me again :frowning: , and again I’ve trouble, I’ve installed nethserver with raid on 2 hard drive they are exactly the same, and this morning I check the interface of nethserver and see that the md1 are in critical status, so I want to solve the problem. But I don’t have idea how to do, usually I just remove the disk who was in failure, put the md2 on md1 and replace by a new disk, and it work, but I don’t know if on nethserver it will work and because the server is in prod I can’t do something that won’t work. And for more difficulty I’m not on site so I need to explain to someone that aren’t a tech to do it, so have you an idea ?

P.S: I’m sorry to ask every time help, I hope that one day I will have the ability to help other user. And have time to use my python and C++ skills to contribute to nethserver.


I think if you follow the procedure for CentOS will be OK, but i’m not totally sure.

Go with CentOS procedure.

Just a couple of quick links:


Thanks, I was thinking about this process but I was not sure. And because I’m not on site, wanted to be sure. Thank you again it have work well