[SOLVED]Openldap-Create user with luseradd didn't populate mail attributes

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: openldap

Hello Everyone,

I’m using openldap as the backend and i’m using luseradd toto -P tata in order to create the user.
It’s work fine. Connecting the user to the SOGO is OK using his uid, the mailbox is created as i can see it on the control panel.

The issue is that when i look to his openldap entry it did’nt get a mail attributes so authenticating using toto@titi.org is not OK.

The mail attribute is correctly populated when i’m creating the user using the GUI.

I have no problem at all to populate myself this attributes using an ldif files.

I would like to know if this is a normal behavior or not .

Thats all.

Thanks for your feedback.

The web interface doesn’t execute just luseradd.

It’s better to automate using signal-event user-create, take a look to the event:


Thanks for your answer.
I just made a test and it should be perfect to me.


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