[Solved] NS 7.8 update: Backup settings disappeared

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: Backup


Just updated to NethServer 7.8.2003 now, but there is a problem:

All the Backup settings has gone, even the include/exclude paths fields are empty!

I tired to set it up again, bu it looks like the settings are not saved.

No error in the log.

Any idea? Thanks!

Your backup name contains numbers?
If yes, can be related to this:


Possibly there was some number like backup2NAS or something… I have set it up half a year ago.

Now I tried to add a new backup called NAS, but no luck, possibly the original one blocks it?

Also the Settings backup config is empty, if I set a number (# backups to keep), it forgets it again.

So everything on the Backup page and its config menus/fields are empty.



Does anything show up in the old Dashboard? (Port 980…)

My 2 cents

Should not.
Multiple Backup was the thing that pushed a bit hard for stepping in Cockpit.

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Thanks for the idea!

Old Cockpit:

Backup (configuration):
Looks good, in the list I can view the previous automatic backups (also from this night), and the two manual backups from yesterday (these are also missing from the new cockpit), and also it i configured to 5 days.

Backup (data):

BUT, quite interestingly I have found a fresh backup on the NAS this morning (actually two: one at 22:11 as usual, one at 01:05 as set yesterday) - so it looks like everything works in the backgound, but the admin interface is blank.


That’s what I thought…

A few days ago, I recall reading about an issue with cockpit / backups not showing the backups (though working), it might be fixed already or soon, it’s on the bug list…

If solved - for you - mark it as such, so others with the same problem find it.

I think the problem will go away after one of the next updates… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

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That’s correct, it’s a “cosmetic” bug, already fixed.
You could install the update from the testing repository:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-cockpit


Thank you for all, indeed the new testing version solved the problem!


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Yeah, Üdvözöljük = “we welcome you”, so it is correct in this case.
Otherwise it has a dozen endings, even more complicated than Italian - which I used to study (I mean the teacher tried to teach us) for a few years a decade ago, with questionable results… But actually wrote my first Italian business e-mail a month ago - it looks like I still remember enough to correct the Google translation…

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Thanks for improving my little Hungarian. I do know there more than one word for welcome, but wasn’t sure which one would be correct in this case… The other word is AFAIK Szívesen…

I do have a few hungarian friends here in Switzerland, most of them (Or at least their parents) came here in the Aftermath of 1956…

A co-worker of mine, with whom I shared an office while working for E&Y (Ernst & Young at the time) - the last smokers office in that building - also came from Hungary. She was a bit older than me, but we enjoyed the same music, both in IT (She mainframe, me PC Networking) and both smoked the same brand of cigarettes… :slight_smile:

I do have a lot of sympathy for hungarians, at least among the not Orban fans…
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Well, SzĂ­vesen is the Welcome that you say in reply to Thanks (like No problem/Prego).
But what I mean is that there are other endings, like Üdvözlet (noun), Üdvözöllek (I welcome you) [and all the 6 forms x 2 as the other party might be 1 or multiple persons], all of which equals to Welcome… Fortunately we do not differentiate gender - that’s where I give up languages those do so…

I knew there were more (forms).

Even though my dad is swiss, I was brought up in english. I learned german at about age 11…
Swiss german took a bit longer (We have about 25 dialects, all sound quite different) for a small country.

German is, as they say themselves, a difficult language to learn… Luckily, it has fairly easy rules for the special symbols, almost exclusively the Umlaut (ä,ö,ü). Turkish uses the Umlauts too, but have them on much more letters… But Turkish (And also Hungarian) has more than just the Umlaut, like the special i in Szívesen…

Learning can be a two way path!