[solved] Nextcloud: SSO / passwordless access

Is it possible to configure passwordless access to nextcloud from within localdomain/green network? I mean the user authenticated himself while logging into his windows session. Is there some kind of sso possible?

And is it possible and/or advisable to have folders which are shared via samba for windows users, like a group folder or even Documents or Downloads Folder from userprofile accessible?

I think you can start use NextCloud Windows client. User can store their password (like Google Drive/Dropbox): https://nextcloud.com/clients/

You can create a Samba shared folder and then share it with NextCloud thanks to External Storage support application. More info here: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/stable/admin_manual/configuration_files/external_storage_configuration_gui.html

Thanks for your information guys. ->solved :wink: