Solved - Nextcloud Mail App - Still doesn't work after upgrading to Nextcloud 20

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Nextcloud 20

Hello @support_team,

Now that Nextcloud 20 is finally here (Yay!), I’m eager to see if I can get the Nextcloud Mail app to work. To date I’ve never been able to see this app working. I use Webtop Mail as our main office mail so Nethserver is configured to handle our mail.

I see in this post a reference to Nextcloud 20 fixing “something” with Nextcloud Mail:

So I’ve tried connecting once again to my mail server. Still not working. :frowning: I continue to see generic errors that say “Creating account failed: Could not connect to IMAP host” and it gives my IP address.

Can someone point me in the right direction here please. When using Nethserver as the main mail, what settings need to be used in Nextcloud Mail to get it to work?

Thank you.

I’ll try as well and will report my findings here.

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Thanks very much @pagaille !

To provide a bit more detail…I’ve successfully connected to our Webtop mail server through Thunderbird so I know the connection details to use. I used the same connection detail in the Nextcloud Mail App and received the errors I reported.

I also wondered if this post from @mrmarkuz is still required to have Nextcloud Mail App work when connecting to our Nethserver (Webtop) mail:

No Nethserver email via Nextcloud Mail app - #22 by mrmarkuz

doveadm acl set -A Public authenticated lookup read

I’ve already confirmed that I have no Public Mailboxes. Do I still need to run this command to have a chance of having Nextcloud Mail App work?

Thank you,

The nextcloud mail bugfix is supposed to precisely handle that (our) case so no.


Big News! I finally have Nextcloud Mail working! Seems the error (for me at least) was related to TLS on my mail server.

Add this line to your config…php file:

‘app.mail.verify-tls-peer’ => false,

Details of this are in the following post from June 24th

I’ve confirmed this fix works on Nextcloud version 19 and version 20.