[Solved] Mail problems after update

Does the rspamd service is able to restart… If not cp the configuration file and send us, you could after do a signal event to rewrite it


signal-event nethserver-mail-filter-save

it is just a template, and the update did not modify that file, check the git blame

But after the update, the rpm nethserver-mail-filter triggered the event nethserver-mail-filter-update that did the job expand

@paul_marwick did you add some custom settings from Rspamd UI or by other means?

The only thing I can think of is I was attempting to whitelist some email which was being consistently treated as spam - I used Email > Filters > Allow from and added a number of email addresses using that. I wondered if that might have some effect when I saw the mail-filter update after the update had completed.

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indeed you used a template to create rspamd maps but obviously you do not modified this one

Hi all,

This week, I just migrated a SME-9.2 to NS-7.6.1810…

I noticed the same problems this morning with Thunderbird.

If I use Webmail, all is OK. But with Thunderbird email is rejected.
Une erreur est survenue lors de l’envoi du courrier. Le serveur de courrier a répondu : 5.7.1 <toto@toto.com>: Relay access denied. Veuillez vérifier l’adresse du destinataire toto@toto.com et essayer à nouveau.

I kind of resolved the problem by deleting the account in TB and then recreate it. This account is now OK but only this recreated account. A real pain because of around 7000 e-mails…


Probably related to thunderbird and not to ns, the evidence is that you did nothing on NS to make it workable. Maybe the log transaction in maillog could also explain better what it occured

Hi @michelandre,

With webmail, practically you are “on email server”.
Thunderbird or any other email client, is installed on desktop. So, to reach the email server, you must pass many “hops”: firewalls, the email server is in DMZ or not, (new) certificates, …
I’m sure that there are some functional differences between SME Server and NethServer.
I have an old email server (ZENTYAL) and two new email servers with NethServer, all placed in the same DMZ. In Thunderbird, the email accounts have different settings for ZENTYAL and NS.
You must reach the proper configuration between the new email server and the desktop client.
For me, the working configuration (for NS) is:

  • The email server is placed in the DMZ of the UTM
  • on email server:
    Configuration -> Email -> Mailboxes: Allow unencrypted connections: YES
    You may try also with Email -> SMTP access: Allow relay from trusted networks: YES
  • Thunderbird:
    Server settings:
    Server name: mail.xxx.tld
    User name: the email account
    Port: 110
    Connection security: None
    Authentication method: Password, transmitted insecurely
    Outgoing Server (SMTP):
    Server name: mail.xxx.tld
    Port: 587
    User name: the email account
    Authentication method: Normal password
    Connection Security: STARTTLS

One clue about the error: https://serversitters.com/how-to-correct-554-5-7-1-relay-access-denied-email-errors-and-prevent-them-in-the-future.html


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When I got to the site this morning, I cleaned out the filters, re-entered the whitelist email addresses and ran /etc/e-smith/events/actions/system-adjust. Checking, rspamd now runs correctly, and mail is working again. Still having some problems with whitelisting, but that I can look at later…

Thanks for a all the help.


You are welcome paul, I and the nethserver community have the willingness to help, but like any software we could not be bug free, and the support of the community is important for this.


Hi Gabriel and Stéphane,

I tried the changes as described by Gabriel but to no avail.

I recreated the account inThunderbird.

It might be only from TB but it received:
imap.FQDN port 143” for the Server Name
imap.FQDN port 587” for the Outgoing Server Name.

I think both should have received “mail.FQDN” but I might be wrong…

I changed only the Outgoing Server Name for mail.FQDN and all was working correctly.

Thank both of you for your replies,


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You are right.
Usually, both services, Incoming (IMAP, POP3) and Outgoing (SMTP) are on the same server.
For large implementations, email services are on separate servers (one for IMAP - imap.FQDN, one for POP3 - pop3.FQDN and one for SMTP - smtp.FQDN).