[Solved] Installation error of nethserver-release


I am trying my very first installation of Netserver 6.6 on VMPlayer. Since I already have CentOS 7 as my VM guest OS, I just type in the following command:-

yum localinstall -y http://mirror.nethserver.org/nethserver/nethserver-release-6.6.rpm

and I get the following error:-

File /usr/sbin from install of nethserver-release-6.6-2.ns6.noarch conflicts with file from package filesystem-3.2-18.e17.x86_64

I am using a laptop running on Core i5 and 4GB RAM come with Windows 8.1 64bits OS. I have VMPlayer 7 installed on my laptop and I create CentOS 7 guest VM by using CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal ISO file.

I have check the CentOS version and it seems like running on 64bits

Can someone help me on this ? Thank you :smile:

Hi how do you want to install package from 6 CentOs on 7 CentOs it is unreal :slight_smile: Install Cd of NS and have fun :wink:

Oppssss…stupid me…haha. Manage to get Nethserver ISO run on VMPlayer
7, thanks :slight_smile: