[Solved] How do you manage your DNS records?

NethServer Version: 7.1
Module: DNS

Hey Everyone,

Quick question for you.

How do you manage your DNS records? (A names, C names)
I can create record in Samba but the records from the DHCP are created in Dnsmasq.
So I can’t point an alias to the records created by the dhcp.

is there a way to create a record in dnsmasq?

Generally, I use the Host panel where you can manage your DNS server properly

From what I can see the Host panel only allows me to create a server Alias which points to the Nethserver instance or a Host which points to an IP address.

However the DHCP already created all those records when distributing addresses and I can’t create an alias for an host record created by the DHCP. To make things dynamic.

I know the records are there because everything resolves.
I want to create an alias for my records.

Cname(Alias) Aname(host)
Potatoe.domain.com --> Server.domain.com --> Ip address.

Is this possible without modifying the dnsmasq files manualy?
I know I can do it in samba but samba also doesn’t see the records created by the DHCP.

In both cases I can only create host records for static IP Addresses.

It brings me something in mind

Unfortunately i believe nobody moves…does it is something like that you search

Something of the sort, I am not sure if I am missing something but I can’t seem to find how to create an Alias that points to a server other then the nethserver itself.

Alias.sub.domain.com --> Servername.sub.domain.com

Simply go to /dns/host then set a domain name and the IP to the remote server

To verify, on the terminal of your server, do

[root@NS7DEV3 ~]# nslookup Alias.sub.domain.com

Name:	Alias.sub.domain.com

after all if you are looking to do something like a Cname, I guess it is not possible with dnsmasq, but with my proposal we could reach domain.com whatever Servername.sub.domain.com or Alias.sub.domain.com

a CName is exactly what I wanted to do.
I use DHCP for certain services (I know I could use a IP reservation)
Your idea is an alternative that I could use to bypass my issue.

I think that Samba DNS would be very good for people like me who want a windows like domain.
But then the current Samba DNS doesn’t support dynamic DNS from DHCP.

@laframba could you mark this topic as solved?

I can, I will create a feature request instead.
To me this is only a workaround.

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