[SOLVED] First installation, hostname & certificate

I’m new to Nethserver, so I may ask too simple questions. But I could not find the answer so I open this topic.
I have installed Nethserver on a Intel NUC behind my ISP router. I can access the manager within my lan. I have a dynamic IP, so I have installed ddclient (thank you Stéphane) and use noip.
Everything is find except that I cannot access permanently to my server through the dyn DNS. Any browser I use tells me that the site is unsafe due to self-signed certificate, but I have no option to add a permanent exception. I believe it is due to my certificate.
I have the following data:
no-ip DNS: xxx.ddns.net
Domain: ddns.net
Host: xxx
CN: xxx.ddns.net

Is my certificate with the right configuration? How can I add permanently this certificate to my computer?
Thank you for your help.

Hi, Have you read the documentation in the base section how to add a custom Certificate ?

Thank you. I will follow the instructions and let you know.

In fact, I don’t really understand what I shall do. Is the server certificate not enough? Why should I generate a custom certificate? When I re-generate the server certificate, I cannot accept permanently the certificate. I finally download the certificates from /etc/pki/tls/certs and installed them as permanent certificates, and it works.
Thanks for your comments.

I don’t think your problem is the certificate.
Could you describe (or take a screenshot) what’s happening when you access the system?
Maybe you could send me privately the dyndns hostname so that I can see the problem.

I have such screen (sorry it is in French), with no possibility to add permanent certificate:

No need to permanently add the cert. You simply confirm the exception every time you connect. Until you buy a cert (or wait let’s encrypt). :smile:

As you can see, there is no option to confirm access, just to quit!

Hello everybody,

I’m agree with Filippo.

I think the problem is from browser or from the browser in conjunction with the OS.
Even if I installed the certificates (Endian, NethServer, Zentyal), for administering or for webmail access, as Trusted, only with Mozilla I can add permanent exceptions.
I have issues with IE and Chrome.

When I used AXIGEN as email server, everything went well after I installed the certificate as Trusted on any computer that used webmail access. After a while, depending of the updates/upgrades of the OS & browsers, some users had this issues.

Kind regards,

It’s a browser problem. Try another browser, please.
See mine:

I had tried with Firefox, IE & Chrome with the same results. I manually added the certificate imported from the server and now IE works, but still now luck with Firefox.

Seems to work now. Thanks all of you.

Hi Ioic,

You are welcome!

Can you mark the post as SOLVED?
Can you give us more details?
I think it will be useful for everybody on this Forum.

Thank you in advance,

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I went to the certificate manager of Firefox, and add an exception to the url of my site, then add a permanent exception.


Sorry my fault, I thought you wanted to add an real certificate and not an permanent exception for the self signed certificate in your browser.