[solved] Change mailserver aliasname for postfix

On my non-nethserver mailserver I can set myhostname=mail.ourdomain.com in main.cf of postfix, in order to make it answer with that name.

Where am I supposed to set this within nethserver postfix implementation? In main.cf it is stated to not modify this file.

You need a custom template (start from here).

But what do you think about using the HeloHost parameter?
See here for details.

Sounds good

HeloHost . FQDN hostname used by Postfix when connecting to other MTAs

Where would I configure this? If it works it would be the easiest solution, thanks for suggesting also an alternative with custom template, but I am willing to try this variable first. Though, I did not understand yet, where to set it?

Use the new cockpit server-manager, email app, relay, settings: custom helo is the last option, at the bottom.

Thanks, it looks good. The result is as expected that postfix uses the desired hostname.
PS. How can I mark the problem as solved, Just edit the title and put [solved] or how should that be done in this forum?

PPS. Thanks for your fast and competent help, and keep up the good work :smiley:

Check this:

Thanks :slight_smile: