Sogo webmail not loading latest emails for a single email accout

NethServer Version: current
Module: sogo

I have noticed for one particular mail address, sogo is not loading latest emails, but for all the email acconts, its loading instantly.

This is despite webtop loading emails, on the same mail account.

Is there something notable to share regarding this particular mail box?

does it have many mails in it (>5000) ?
other special characteristics?

Do the sogo logs show some divergent entry’s about this account?

I’ll check the logs and report. As for emails, yes the mailbox has so many emails. The problem began when there was a day I received over 200 emails at the same time. That was a very funny coincidence but since then, so go has never loaded any new emails. Even the mail clinet within nextcloud loads emails.

You might want (temporary) to set sogo logging more verbose, unmark
//ImapDebugEnabled = YES; in /etc/sogo/sogo.conf

Dis see somthing in the past about SOGo / dovecot combination not handling large amount of mail very well on the SOGo mail list, but cannot find it anymore, sorry.
Maybe a good idea to ask there as well, as it does not seem to be a miss-configuration…