SOGo web client fetching wrong domain on remote ldap scenario

I have deployed 2 nethserver instances.

the first instances has ldap configured on the domain
the second instances is for the deployment of mail and other corresponding services.
the second server is on

when i access SOGo and login, the user and email address displayed is instead of

when an email is sent from sogo, it’s again sent as instead of

this is contrary to what should happen, considering the mail server is setup on the second domain and not the first. the first is only for authentication.

on other mail clients, they are handled correctly.

funn enogh, when an email is sent to it is received inside sogo, which reads

Why there are two domains?

because the other server is an administrative and monitoring server, which also hosts ldap users.
while the other is a collaborative server with things like mail, nextcloud etc

As far as i can understand, this do not configure the necessity for two different domains, only two different hostnames.
So should be the domain of both servers.

as currently configured, webtop works fine without any hitches. it can send as well as receive

Webtop => Default groupware of the distro
sOGO => currently installable, but not default anymore.
Anyway, the way should be the configuration sogo, which as far as I can understand reads from SSSD ldap-domain instead of maildomain

i guess ill be forced to change.

its like the systems can not use a domain configured on ldap,

then have multiple other domains configured on the same ldap.
the emails will simply not work
av just seen even the mail for nextcloud app does not work

Not sure to understand, but SOGo uses the first configured domain name of the server, however for each user you can modify the real domain name they will use in the sogo user setting page