Sogo, thunderbird and sogo connector

NethServer Version: last one
Module: sogo groupware

thumderbird 60.3.1
sogo inverse connector 60

hello all,
In a fresh installed nethserver can’t connect thunderbird to calendar and contacts with sogo inverse connector.
I created a user and shared its contacts and calendars with all authenticated users, everyone can do anything on them.
I then created another one user that I would to be able to insert and read firstuser contacts and calendar
Accessing the web interface with test credential I can subscribe contacts shared by firstuser and read, insert new and modify existing ones.
The problem is that Sogo inverse connector gives me no errors and it seems to connect but in thunderbird I don’t see contacts or calendars updates.

Can anyone help?
Stefano Gatto

what did you do at Thunderbird?
You have to copy the caldav calendar address from SOGo page and create a new calendar at Thunderbird. Here you have to choose network and caldav. Put in the address to the address field. After that you can give it a name and a colour. At least the calendar should ask for the credentials.

For the address book you have to choose new, remote address book. Fill in the address from SOGo page and an sync interval.
If you have more questions don’t be shy to ask.

that’s exactly what I did before writing, simply, sogo connector doesn’t update records between thunderbird and nethserver ( sogo groupware ) and doesn’t display any error.

Which version do you have. I had to install a new connector for TB 60.

Edit: Sorry you have already written it.

Could you see a connection at


It could look like this:

Nov 30 14:47:42 sogod [28542]: 192.168.x.x “REPORT /SOGo/dav/admin/Calendar/741F-59ED9A80-15-18BF8500/ HTTP/1.1” 207 459/683 0.497 - - 0

I have the impression you talking about 2 different things:
@m.traeumner you are referring to lightning plugin with a DAV connection, right?
@gatto you are referring to The SOGo Connector and Integrator extensions, right?

We used to have a nethserver module to configure the SOGo front-ends to be used with TB. However it is not maintained for over 2 years, This because it was quite flunky and very picky on TB (extension) versions, it tended to break with a update of TB or SOGo.

I do not want to bitch about bad documentation especially because SOGo is quite good documented. Unfortunately the SOGo Connector doc’s always have been a bit fuzzy to me (and after reading it just now, still is) Hope it makes more sense to @gatto :


Well, I have been using sogo inverse connector with mozilla thunderbird for over a couple of years, associated with nextcloud/owncloud and never had this kind of problems…
the only line related to my IP I can read in the logs is
“PROPFIND /SOGo/dav/user/contacts/personal/ HTTP/1.1” 404 208/175 0.019 - - 0,
nothing more, when I launch “synchronize now” from Thunderbird GUI I get a popup saying something like
SOGO : test
no changes
But the changes are really there, I can see them through web interface…
I also have problems with lightning calendars, but I wanted to investigate one problem at a time.

It looks like a problem related to sogo inverse connector, I decided to give a try to TBsync and it started to synchronize all my shared contacts and calendars…
ty anyway for your help



Out of curiosity; Do you use the DAV or Active Sync protocol with TBsync?

DAV only