SOGo released, we need tests

Hello mates

We are going to release SOGo and mainly the migration from NS7 to NS8, we need tests to make it strong and find bugs

two tests are welcome, think to enable the NethForge repository

case 1: simple installation on a NS8, no risks, simple

case 2, much more fun, install SOGo on a NS7, create some email, some calendars, contacts and migrate it to NS8…with much more fun you can try a scenario with a multi node migration, account provider on one node, SOGo on another

please test all features, ActiveSync, caldav, carddav

The documentation is SOGo — NS8 documentation


Steph if nobody wants to test it we can release the migration procedure as-is.

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please mates you asked we did it, someone for testing even the simple cases, it is a good training for NS8

No issues. Simply works.

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I have this test coming up,

I am just curious at one thing, can NS8 connect to NS7 for Ldap?

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of course, the first step of migration is to connect NS8 to the remote LDAP account provider of NS7, then the last step of migration is to migrate the whole account provider of NS7 to NS8

you can go simply test from migrate NS7 SOGo to NS8 in a single node architecture

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Hi @stephdl ,

It’s been a while…

How ever now evaluating NS8 with (Samba) AD, mail and SOGo.

Installation of all of the above, including SOGo, went flawlessly :+1:

Installation went flawlessly, unfortunately due to my own mistake can’t get a valid Let’s Encrypt certificate right now so testing AES wont work right now. (One of the pit falls however was my ns8 configuration was requesting a certificate for it’s own hostname and I did not realize it did… So now stuck with error 429: 5 failed requests in an hour)

Great work and I will continue testing tomorrow!

On first glance a cosmetic remark : it shows “Roundcube” in some massages:

This is what I could find in the code:

$ git grep -n Roundcube
ui/public/i18n/en/translation.json:34:    "instance_configuration": "Configure Roundcube",
ui/public/i18n/en/translation.json:37:    "mail_server_is_not_valid": "This mail server cannot be used by Roundcube webmail",

Hi @mark_nl

Welcome Back, it’s been indeed a while!

Nice to see you here again!


My 2 cents

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SoGo is a container archlinux based :stuck_out_tongue: I do not know if you still play with that distro ?

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Well Arch Linux is my favorite to thinker with, best Linux wiki ever!

So no problem for me, just as head up did you know SOGo is also in debian repo’s (although likely won’t get updates during de debian life cycle…)

@Andy_Wismer good to see you too!

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Yes very old version on debian…updated each 6 months in ubuntu. I went to archlinux because the community works to provide the version
Hovewer i could have compiled it myself on debian I succeed but i preferred to not go that way

We will see

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I run a Arch Linux arm instance in my own build media-render for years with out a problem. It is a roiling distro so you just need to keep it up to date: cron does that for me.
I a container this is not an issue, so would not worry to much. Arch Linux is mature, the only unstable part is it is bleeding edge.

Again very well controllable in a container image :slight_smile:

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the fix for the roundcube translation has been done, thank


tested Exchange ActiveSync on windows 11 with default mail-app and on a samsung android tablet using the default app:

  • mail : all good no glitches
  • calendar and contacts : deletion of items not always synced among clients (AFAIK a known issue, not NS8 specific)

Tested IMAP with CAL-, CARD-DAV on windows 11 with eM-Client

  • mail : all good no glitches
  • calendar and contacts : all good no glitches

would be nice to test the SOGo migration from a NS7 to NS8, as ever I am right here to help, please ping me


New testing incoming,

Production migration NS7 to NS8,

Will add Sogo to the migration.

source server, External AD, Mail and Nextcloud, ejabbered

source server, specs
16 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD. 2 cores (100Mbps)

Destination Server
24 GB RAM, 300GB NVME, 4 Cores (600Mbps)

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looks like the migration test case with remote AD might be more complicated than initially anticipated.

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What about a more simple case with a proxmox or even with virtualbox on a laptop

What I tested is a scenario with a cluster of NS8 but we could validate and release nethserver-ns8-migration with a simple scenario

Migrate one NS7 to a NS8 with an account provider running locally


Maybe check: Is this really a “Test” migration, or are you helping migrating a productive system?

Remote AD usually refers to another host in the LAN with AD

External AD usually refers to another host somewhere in the “cloud” with AD

So what is it now?

I think it’s an “external” AD, without any VPN connection there…

I’m NOT helping migrating a very badly designed network!

Mes deux centimes