SOGo "Proxy Error" sending email with Unicode characters in the subject field


System version: NethServer release 7.2.1511 (rc1)

I try to send e-mail on SOGo with Subject Unicode characters, then the system show message “Proxy Error”

Here is log " /var/log/sogo/sogo.log"

Nov 03 09:56:01 sogod [30390]: <0x0x7fbba774b7e0[SOGoCache]> Cache cleanup interval set every 300.000000 seconds
Nov 03 09:56:01 sogod [30390]: <0x0x7fbba774b7e0[SOGoCache]> Using host(s) ‘’ as server(s)
Nov 03 09:56:01 sogod [30390]: [ERROR] [we-rm] did not find locale for language: Thai
EXCEPTION: <NSException: 0x7fbba7ad6370> NAME:NSInvalidArgumentException REASON:Tried to add nil to array INFO:(null)
Nov 03 09:56:02 sogod [22817]: <0x0x7fbba7730d10[WOWatchDogChild]> child 30390 exited
Nov 03 09:56:02 sogod [22817]: <0x0x7fbba7730d10[WOWatchDogChild]> (terminated due to signal 6)
Nov 03 09:56:02 sogod [22817]: <0x0x7fbba7756b30[WOWatchDog]> child spawned with pid 30608

Please help…

Thank you


dont know how to solve it yet, but it means that he cant find the locale file for your chosen language, Thai. You may check if the file is there, if not, get it from the .tgz archive, put it in there manually and check permissions. Then restart sogo try again.

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Looks like a SOGo issue, please submit your problem on their ML or bugtracker and get back to us :slight_smile: