Sogo problems in sending mail

Hi everyone,

I have nethserver 7 RC 4 installed and it seems that sogo has some problems in sending mail and i think it’s not related to the mail server.

So if i want to send an e-mail with sogo, I compose the message and when i hit the send button it does nothing. The only way i found it works is to reply to a person who already sent you an e-mail and that only if you open that e-mail in a new mail window (you have that option in sogo… it’s a button, a sqare with an arrow inside).

So my guess is that it’s something related only to sogo (maybe the version, maybe some missing components).
I forgot to mention that roundcube doesn’t have these problems.

Can anyone tell me if you have the same problems with sogo?

Hi Liviu,

look here: SOGo 3.2.4 Packages needs testing



Thank you, Uwe.

I’ll try and I’ll post here if it works or not.

So the solution in there fixed. Everything seems to work altough browsing through sogo feels kind of laggy. I’ll do more test and see.