Sogo mail not woking

After upgrade to 7.9.2019 Sogo mails not working, what to do??

we need more information, what is broken, what you eventually could find in logs. You have to describe a bit further your issue

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Please have a look if your mail server is running.
As @stephdl said, please give us some more information:

  • what is the error
  • which version did you run before
  • which modules are installed
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We have Internet access in all the system but when i traying to ping server IP form client system it shows request time out.

But you can open it at the browser?
Please describe your problem and what works and what not works.
Without infos about your system and more infos about the error, we can’t help.
Also logs from




can help.

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if you cannot ping your server, it is not a SOGo issue