SOGo / global address Book


NethServer Version:* 7,5
Module: SOGo


does anybody by change know how to configure the clobal adress books within SOGo to provide VCards of Server users via LDAP?


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For sogo I only found ldif export, roundcube is able to export vcard.

There’s also a thunderbird addon for vcard export (didn’t test it):

LDIF to vcard converter:

Hi Markus,

no, I ment something different: Within Sogo Contacts, a “global adress book” is shown, so I supposed that Nethservers LDAP contacts are listed. But the list is empty. I ask myself if

  • it can be used with some ldap filters e.g. on persons (for large deployments)
  • it can be disabled if not used


Did you search? You have to search to get contacts, when searching for a “.” you’ll get all entries:

Filters are configured in /etc/sogo/sogo.conf (line 45). The file is templated so to make changes permanent you’ll need a custom template.

I never tried but maybe setting isAddressbook to no…

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Keep in mind the global address-book is also queried for auto-completion / look-up while entering an e-mail address writing a new mail in the SOGo gui

Did this work for you?

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Yes, it worked.


Thank you for the confirmation!
It did not work for me; my bad: testing on the wrong VM with non standard schema.

fire up an other and VM it worked for me to!


Works for me, too, … search helps :slight_smile:

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