Sogo changes user rights to shared calendar

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: SOGo 4.0.0

Hi to all,
I’ve a problem with shared calendar. My scenario:

I’ve created a calendar with admin user and shared it to several other users. If I set the right-management like at the picture

it is automatically changed to the following if I click the red marked box, even if it was saved before

Can anybody confirm this, is it a SOGo-bug?

PS: There is nothing at sogo.log

Same here but I don’t think it’s a bug. This seems to be the “Select all rights and save” button.

I looked at the code and the action for the square button is ng-click="acl.selectAllRights(user)"

I don’t know how it behaved in earlier versions…

In earlier Versions it closed the window without selecting all rights. But there is no documentation about it, or I can’t find.
Thanks for testing @mrmarkuz

I found at least a point in the release notes:

[web] now also give modify permission when selecting all calendar rights


Thanks Markus,
so it was a bug and know it’s the right behaviour. :joy: