SOGO CalDav is not running - but Webtop CalDav



I have a problem syncing SOGO (Calendar) with CalDAV on our smartphones.
It is when I want to set up the account always synonymous with the following CalDav address to sync:

Since I do not work with Webtop it is thus empty.

I reinstalled the sogo and nethserver-sogo but no change!

This is annoying when something does not work which should work!

Can you help me that the forwarding is running properly again. Thank you!

Do I understand correctly you have webtop and SOGo installed ?

could you post your /etc/conf.d/

cat /etc/httpd/conf.d/

as an quick work around you can try to set your smartphone up to “bypass” the webservers (apache) rewrites. The direct url to SOGo/dav is in your case:

problem solved

The following conf files of Webtop5 were available in /etc/httpd/conf.d/:

webtop5-webdav.conf webtop.conf

I removed them and let the httpd configuration update, then everything ran again.

Annoying such problems!
I had until 2 days ago both for testing installed, now only SOGO is installed.

When uninstalling, they were apparently not removed - that curious that as long as webtop5 was installed, there were no problems.


Happy to read you got everything running again.

Nevertheless, it is a #bug; rewrite rules on the default domain should be placed in

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