SOGO and AD name

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: SoGo

Ok, I am not sure if this a just a missunderstanding on my end.
I installed Nethserver 7.5 and enabled AD. Afterwards I installed email module as well as sogo. Now my Domain users have the email. instead of user@my.tld.

I removed SoGo and installed Webtop 5 - where this “problem” did not occur.
Maybe i did or expect something wrong: What I want is user@my.tld also I want to use SoGo if possible.


You may edit the LDAP field userprincipalname with phpldapadmin (in kamikaze mode).

Another way is to set another IMAP field (mail in this case) for getting the mail address and put the correct mail address there:

config setprop sogod IMAPLoginFieldName mail
signal-event nethserver-sogo-update

Both ways are explained here:

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