SOGO and activesync and LetsEncrypt

Hey all,

I just ran into something pretty funny, and I am at a loss at finding any logic behind the observed behaviour.


@14.41 I updated the LetsEncrypt certificate on my SOGo server. I did not restart the server or the sogod.
@16.54 or something I noticed outlook stating disconnected (even tho it was actually connected!!). I issued a ‘service sogod restart’ on the mailserver. This fixed the disconnected notification.
@17.01 I had users calling about all the Windows Outlook clients (2013 and 2016) are resyncing their entire mailbox.

Mobile clients seem not affected, just Outlook installations on windows workstations.

Is there a logical reason that this is happening ?

What’s your sogo server running? MAPI or IMAP?

For some users, this also messed up calendar subscriptions … the rights are not lost, just the subscription.

@quadpr5 … SOGo is using IMAP, and it’s own activesync implementation. IMAP mailboxes are unaffected, mobile device activesync connections are unaffected, but Outlook 2016 and 2013 on both Win7 and Win10 activesync connections are a mess.

It’s not just outlook tho, as calendar subscriptions are gone from the SOGo webinterface as well. Access rights are intact.

Is anything in SOGo tied to the certificate ?

Wow, sounds like a right PIA. If it was access rights would there not be any logs showing errors accessing files? I haven’t had any experience with SoGo only exchange 2010. Usually with issues like this a roll back of the DB would get things back on track.

Can you see the calendar on mobile devices?