Sogo Allow Users to add other IMAP accounts

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: SoGo

Can someone explain the function of this tick box please - it is ticked on my server configuration. I understand what the sentence states but some ignorance on my part as to conceptually what a user adding multiple imap accounts looks like - my assumption being that user <=> imap account is a one to one mapping

“Allow Users to add other IMAP accounts”

Im asking this because i have strange things going on with calendars and want to check if this is part of the issue.

AFAIK IMAP do not transport calendars, therefore… this should not be a part of the issue you’re encountering.
May I assume thay you’re talking about Webtop?

I’m royally dumb, you wrote Sogo in your thread title and I completely missed it.

SOGo is also an email client, so this should allow possibility for SOGo’s user to add IMAP accounts in visualization of SOGo interface. I’m not really aware that if this feature also allows the calendar connection.

yes on my primary account I joined my secondary email in SOGo so it is possible