SOGo activesync Outlook autodiscovery

Hello again, I’m interested in using Nethserver as a mail server.
However, it needs to support Outlook client users and their desire to have holidays. Or rather the out of office assistant as well as calendar sharing and the other features Microsoft keeps very close to it’s chest.
Will Neth with SOGo or webtop or something else allow this?
I can go to any version of Outlook as we are about to upgrade from 2007

Hi @kis2006,

I don’t know if out of office is supported directly from outlook without keeping it running. Mails, calendars and contacts are supported, there is IMAPS, Exchange Activesync and you may use external tools like caldav synchronizer.

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Just to wrap this up, currently you cannot set OOA from Outlook. A user can set it from their Sogo webmail panel.
Other limitations are that Outlook only supports a single address book over EAS so your shared address books from the SOGo webmail panel won’t sync if you want to sync your own personal address book with SOGo.

Maybe you can compensate this with caldav synchronizer:

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