Sogo ActiveSync - Outlook 2007 can't find Sogo

Trying to set up a Outlook 2007 profile on a desktop connected to Nethserver it’s lan where a domain controller handles the user accounts.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install and update Nethserver 7.4;
  2. Install Nethserver domain controller;
  3. Install Sogo GroupWare;
  4. Add sogo.{sub}.{domain}.{tld} and autodiscover.{sub}.{domain}.{tld} to Nethserver it’s dns;
  5. Open Outlook 2007 and go through the mail configure wizard, choosing Mircosoft Exchange allong the way.

Result is this message from Outlook:
The name is unknown. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is not available. Outlook must be online or there must be a connection to complete this action.

Am I missing something? I already went through the documentation of Nethserver and of Sogo regarding Outlook.

AFAIK activesync is supported only on newer releases of outlook

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Using this image as a reference. Would this mean that we need to use Outlook CalDav Synchronizer?


imap and smtp for mail, caldav/cardav connector for addressbook and calendar

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Thanks a million. I’ll give it a try

But, if you can avoid to use such an old and unsupported outlook it would be far better
if outlook is not mandatory, use thunderbird or, better, use the webmail (no client at all)
I have a customer of mine with 220 users which moved from mail client on every pc to the webmail… he’s an happy customer now

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The IT department is trying to push the company we work for to use Thunderbird, unfortunately Outlook 2007 is still too popular among employees. =(

I sincerely can’t see any problem with it… uninstall it and you’re done… TB is not so far in usability from outlook… I mean: reading, writing, searching… it’s almost the same, just a different UI but nothing a monkey can’t learn to use in 1h
good luck

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Not to mention that Office2007 has reached EOL status oct last year. IMO enough reason to immediately ban the use of Office2007.

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