Software centre and Professional version

I seems to be able to install all apps in the software centre. Was wondering if there are any “hidden” apps that are only available to paying customers?


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Thanks Jack, that should have been obvious to me :slight_smile:

I don’t have the skills to make comparisons but would it be right to say that all free apps in Clearos are also free in Nethserver? Conversely, all free apps in Nethserver are also free in Clearos?

Hi Dreamerman,

All free apps that can run on CentOS should run on NethServer and maybe on ClearOS (I know ClearOS, mostly from docs, but is CentOS based) and of course are free, no matter on which distro are running.

But attention for which version of CentOS/NethServer are made!


The NethServer versions are related to the CentOS versions ( ).


@dreamerman do you have further questions?

[quote=“alefattorini, post:6, topic:3171, full:true”]
@dreamerman do you have further questions?[/quote]
Thanks for following up and yes I do have questions but I think I need to do more reading before asking. Cheers.

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