Software Center takes too long


Is it normal the software center takes too long to show me the modules to install? I’m on my first installation/running and the soft center is not showing me anything… When I check the traffic via tcpdumd I do see connections to mirrors

“11:13:13.354070 IP > localhost.localdomain.56396: Flags [.], seq 43278:44726, ack 607, win 35, options [nop,nop,TS val 1804117367 ecr 1398459], length 1448”

I’ll appreciate your comments.

In my experience usually it takes from a few seconds to roughly close to a minute.

Does the software center shows blank after the spinning wheel? is there some error message?

After 10 min finally shows modules… thanks!

Just for the rest of us, what kind of hardware specs is that install running on?

I’m running nethserver on virtualbox with 2 proc and 4 GB RAM.

I think it is more a bandwith issue. The software center does something close to a ‘yum update’ before to display the available/installed software.

Maybe this task should run in background every X hours to avoid to wait too much

Steph is right, it’s a network bandwidth problem: yum cache is quite big :frowning: